Friday, 7 September 2012


I come across marvelous quotes mostly by other authors, poets and homeschool parents but today I want to write my own: 
"It is up to the unoppressed to teach the oppressed how to reach for their freedom" 

This is what I'm thinking about a lot lately and I'm not only talking about educational systems either. We all know them, we see or hear of them every day - people who are living under appalling circumstances that we can only guess at and more often than not we feel powerless to help them.
What do I mean by oppression or oppressive; in the Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary it translates to "prolonged harsh or cruel treatment or control." To me, it exists anywhere there is not love.

I'm talking about educational systems that crucify the child that dares to step outside the parameters of "normal" by humiliating, harassing and generally bullying the child which lowers and damages the child's sense of self esteem and worth.

Corrupt governments and law systems that care nothing for their people and have them fleeing the country to safe countries, turning them into refugees that are desperate to find a safe haven and risk everything for themselves and their loved ones to get there. And the people that are rotting away in jails - innocent victims of circumstance.

A society that would turn a blind eye to the above and to their own problem of homeless folk right in front of their eyes because it's too difficult to know how deal with the underlying problems.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg, let's go deeper. Abortion clinics that coerce girls and women into murdering their unborn babies because they are running a business and wish to make huge profits. Right now there are females of all ages right here in Australia who are being told that they will feel fine after having an abortion and will have a chance to get on with their lives, if they go ahead with it and sometimes the fetus is 16 weeks old or older and with arms and legs etc. I'm sorry, I know it's distressing but it's the truth - the statistics are alarming. Little babes without a hope having their lives taken from them before they are even born.

Organised religion that teaches/brainwashes it's people, particularly women, into doing certain things that ultimately damages their mental and physical health. And also teaches them to judge
- the very thing that christians are not supposed to do - so again anyone that steps outside the "normal" parameters (which are usually in place due to an individual interpretation of the bible anyway), is judged harshly and shunned or bullied.

Parents that rule their families like tyrants all the while telling them that they love them. Parents that micro-manage every second of their child's waking life - to the point that the child is continually exhausted -  rushing them from one expensive class/sport to another, in the hope of achieving some kind of glory through the child or reliving the childhood they wished they could have had or living their own life vicariously through their child or feeding their own low self-esteem. Child modelling is a perfect example of this; the child never has time to play.

Parents that ignore or neglect their children continually for whatever reason or expect their older ones to raise the little ones when it's the parent's attention and guidance that the child hungers for. And what of the child doing the raising - do they ever get to spread their wings and become the independent individual that they long to be? Parents that force their views onto their children or smother their children with their over-protectiveness never allowing the child to form opinions of their own or make their own decisions or mistakes.

This list is nowhere near finished; I haven't even started on class or colour. We all know of someone who is up suffering in this way and it's up to us to smile at them and say "how are you?" and let them know we can help, even if it's just to listen. Or perhaps it's you who is in this situation; I'm here to tell you that I had some of these experiences myself and I broke away relatively unscathed and so can you.
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