Wednesday, 31 July 2013


There's been many a long, unfullfilled day (and night) as a stay-at-home mum, home educator, author and poet where I have turned to my poetry, books and articles for comfort and also to the feedback I get from my members/readers. I would even go as far as saying that the encouragement I have recieved in the form of emails (I have kept every single one and I admit that some of it is just spam), comments and shares that I get has saved my sanity at times, definitely spurred me on to keep going with it and I have spent a great deal of time studying my statistics to see what it is my readers are tuning into (and out of), what do they want more of, how can I entertain them.

It's an exciting world that we live in: I see how social media is to people like me who have are mainly at home, not just because it gets your name out there but also because it keeps you connected. Some of my poems (Black Piranha received another 473,000 shares last night) and one of my articles has gone viral and I know I have my readers to thank for that. It's a great feeling to know that your work is finally being recognised and appreciated. And I know because of the blogs of poets and authors etc that I am following just how enriching life becomes because of them - I have never met these people but somehow I know them and their words mean so much to me, perhaps we're kindred spirits of sorts. Some of the poems and stories I have read over the years have brought me to tears - of happiness and sadness - I love reading articles, stories and poems that really get inside the author: I want to see their nuts and bolts, I want to experience their experiences and look at life through their eyes because we all have the same experiences but others will express it in a brand new way and that to me is fascinating. Every now and then you read someone who expresses themselves exactly the way you do or writes about a sentiment that you know all so well yourself and that is pure gold. Experiencing life as a human can be both a harrowing and ecstatic experience and in the end we are all going through the same or similiar things, just at different times, perhaps.

So thank you, my members/readers for your unending support and feedback and even though most of you I have never met, we have a connection and I hope you continue to enjoy my writing.

Please persist past the lengthy intro.