Saturday, 20 July 2013


The past returns with force and grace,
To realign our cosmic place.
No space is safe from Fate's rebate,
With lives reshaped as God dictates.
As portals pass and Angels swim,
The cause of Light is sure to win,
The lessons come from times gone by,
The wisdom lost we're sure to find.
A treasure chest will open soon,
To sweeten life with Lunar swoons.
As mothers march toward greater days,
True Matriarchs will be repaid.
The Devil groans as time has come,
Those banks of his are sure to run.
Some wonder how to live secure,
The answer is through God's grandeur.
With Cancer crowned in royal robes,
With epic things come for our globe,
... Memory lane approaches fast,
Let's venture forth into our past.                     Musings by Salvador Russo