Thursday, 18 July 2013


Upsetting Scenarios number:

1) I've come to the realisation that 1 day in the publishing world is equivalent to 3 of my years so at this rate I will probably get some recognition for my work when I'm about 95.

2) My Publicist asked if I have a Facebook page and I suddenly realised that it was high time to clean it up - add to and take off - a major job. People might be looking at it.

3) My husband pointed out that I have become "one of those career obssessed women" and I had to agree that he's probably right.

3) I remain in stunned disbelief that I have become one of those women but am not unused to names.

4) The psychic vampire that has pestered me virtually every day and night for months now has disappeared - perhaps it was the poetry - and I find myself somehow strangely missing him/her.

5) My hair's gone frizzy - again.