Friday, 9 August 2013


I'm lost in our memory:
Your hand slipped into mine,
As you leant in for the farewell kiss,
And that was the moment I knew,
The meaning of the words 'soul mate;'
The true meaning until now I had missed.

There we were,
Behind the back door,
The room fell away and,
Time stood still: such a cliche,
Yet so true - the Psychics say we are,
Lovers in 'The Endless Time,' me and you.

There were stars,
All about and not a sound,
To be heard: we were floating,
In outer space and the seconds ticked,
By like an eternity and I saw you, I really,
Saw you, without seeing your face.

I looked down and,
Away as I pulled myself,
Free, already convincing myself,
That it had actually been a dream.
Why did it have to be you, most forbidden,
To me? Only the pillow hears my screams.

It's Karmic Law:
Year after year I have,
To see you and make nice,
- Some cruel twist of fate.
I'm still lost in our memory: I can't tell, not a soul.
You will never be mine; it's only God I berate.