Friday, 2 August 2013


Another gorgeous poem from the one and only Emily Dickinson:

I envy Seas, whereon he rides - 
I envy Spokes of Wheels,
Of Chariots, that Him convey -
I envy crooked Hills

That gaze upon His journey -
How easy All can see,
What is forbidden utterly,
As Heaven - unto me!

I envy Nests of Sparrows -
That dot His distant Eaves -
The wealthy Fly, upon His Pane -
The Happy - happy leaves -

That just abroad HisWindow
Have Summer's leave to play -
The Ear Rings of Pizarro
                                                                                              Could not obtain for me -

                                                                                              I envy light that wakes Him -
                                                                                              And Bells that - boldly ring
                                                                                              To tell Him it is Noon, abroad -
                                                                                              Myself - be noon to Him -

                                                                                              Yet interdict - my Blossom -
                                                                                              And abrogate - my Bee -
                                                                                              Lest Noon in Everlasting Night -
                                                                                              Drop Gabriel - and Me -

Poem no. 498 from The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson.