Monday, 9 May 2016

Yesterday, Mother's Day ...

Was one of the most beautiful days of my life. It all started with breakfast in bed which Isabella made; blueberry pancakes with ice cream and maple syrup - YUM!

One of Isabella's gifts to me was a make-up and hair make-over for the day so she could photograph me wearing the latest clothing I'd finished sewing & knitting for my Craft Blog. She really is very clever when it comes to knowing what the viewer wants to see from both sides of the camera.

And then everyone arrived and I received my lovely presents and cards. It really has been a wonderful year for family life this year and even though we've all been busy with work and career my children don't seem to mind me constantly hounding them with messages and phone calls to check in and make sure they're ok and are grateful when I sew and knit them all little bits and pieces like scarves and slippers. I think this is reflected in the beautiful messages that were written in cards. Bella went to the trouble of writing a journal of her life with me for the last 14 years and I have to admit, I was in tears when I read it :)

The words that were written really touched my heart. I am truly blessed to have such good and loving children, truly blessed :) Thomas made me a cute rustic flower box which will be very handy. His       business with Etsy is thriving The Flower Box Man.           

We went for a walk, even though it was showering, to the local park and then came back to my place and had Mum's homemade lasagne. And then it was me behind the camera and all of the photos were pixelated and over-exposed! Oh well, you can still get the picture. My kids are a bit camera shy these days after spending years having photos taken of them for my homeschool blog so I have to get in there and take them really fast :)

What a beautiful day :)